Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clearing The Clutter

My fall clean-out, reorganize, and repurpose mission has reached a stand still. For the most part, Boy Pop is all moved into his new room (I'll post before and after pictures once we are finished completely) and there are only a few bits and pieces left to do there.

The new playroom is on its way to done, too. Again, just a few bits and pieces left to do. As with the bedroom, most of what needs to be done involves storage. Attractive storage. That doesn't overwhelm the room. I cannot believe what a challenge this has become!

I believe we are just about finished sorting through the mountains of items to sell and/or donate. I made a huge drop off to Goodwill a few weeks ago (filled the entire back of my Yukon!), and gave my maid a couch, love seat, and chair that no longer worked in the grand scheme of things. My main guest room is piled and stuffed to the rafters with items that we will attempt to sell on November 6th in our neigborhood garage sale. If they don't sell? They are going to the area serving center.

So the only rooms left to figure out are my office and the room that once belonged to Boy Pop. My office is disaster-ish. This is concerning because it is the front room in our house, right next to the front door. It really needs to be straightened up. Boy Pop's old room has much further to go. I moved most of my office closet into that closet, so it is a disorganized mess. Transformers, stuffed animals galore, and Boy Pop's old wall items/decorations. There is a Cars bed that needs to go up on Craig's List, but not until we figure out what to put in its place. We are going to turn that room into a second guest room. I'm thinking day bed, book case, small desk, etc. It's a small room.

So there is definite progress, but it seems like for every step forward, I find twenty more things that need to be done. But it will all get done and the end result will be beautiful.

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