Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That Time of Year

Well, make it two years in a row...

When the government decided to mix up Daylight Savings Time ("falling" back a bit later and "springing" forward a bit earlier), they totally screwed with my internal clock. Last year, it seemed to take forever for the clock to fall back an hour! In fact, starting about two weeks before the official time change, my body decided that it didn't care what the clock said, it was taking the extra hour.

So you can imagine what happened, right? Yep. I overslept. For about two weeks solid, I overslept by 30 minutes to an hour. In fact, the actual time change seemed a bit anti-climactic as I'd already switched my internal clock.

Fast forward one year. The past two months have been full of changes, but the main one was the start of elementary school. I had to rework my internal clock yet again to set it to get up earlier so that I could get myself ready for work before getting the Boy up and ready for school, then get us both out the door, him delivered to the school, and myself to work, all at a relatively reasonable time.

It hasn't been without challenges and minor slip-ups. I've gotten up 5 - 10 minutes late on the rare occasion, pushing snooze one too many times (hey, I love sleeping!).

Unfortunately, the "fall back" syndrome hit me hard this week. I had been a little more exhausted than usual last week, but it didn't dawn on me that I was going through the same body clock issues that I did last year until Monday morning.

It was a dark, dreary morning. It was dark when I woke up. I remember my alarm going off and hitting the snooze button (as I do every morning). I remember thinking that I had one more snooze left before I absolutely HAD to get out of bed. And when that "snooze" alarm went off, I got out of bed and got going. I took my shower, got myself ready, and got ready to get Boy Pop out of bed.

And that's when I glanced at the clock. I was ONE HOUR, EXACTLY off. One entire hour. Instead of it being 6:45, it was 7:45. Guess what starts at 7:45, on the dot? Yep. School.

It was no big deal. Boy Pop had an excused tardy and no one noticed I was a little late to work. But it hit me. The time change should have happened already and it doesn't happen until this Sunday!

Ah, well... Sic transit gloria mundi.*

*Thus passes the glory of the world. My high school Latin teacher would be so proud!

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