Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Nearly Went "Overboard" This Morning

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But WHAT? My children are in need of medical assistance! And you can sit here and smugly lecture me on the importance of tests? Tests which exist to pigeonhole childrens potential, a thing which cannot *possibly* be measured, least of all by anal compulsive HUNS! And my husband may be a "large child," but that's none of your business! And my children may be rotten, but they're MINE. And I think that they're bright, and sensitive, so I have no doubts whatsoever about their intelligence. I do however have *serious* doubts about YOURS.

In the movie, Overboard, there is a scene where Annie Proffitt is in a meeting with the principal of her sons' school about her wild children. She tells this woman off but good! And this morning, it was all I could do to not channel her rant and go rip a substitute teacher a new asshole.

Yesterday, my child, along with five others in his class, got in trouble for various and sundry things that were typical 5 and 6 year old behavior. In fact, none of the items listed in the note home to us seemed out of the ordinary or necessarily "bad." And after some of the things Boy Pop told me, my blood was already boiling.

That's neither here nor there. We dealt with those little issues. What really set me off was this morning, when Boy Pop was choosing his afternoon snack out of the pantry.

Boy Pop: Oh, I still have my snack from yesterday.
Me: Why?
Boy Pop: Because the teacher told us we could save them until tomorrow since we were so bad.
Me: ...
Boy Pop: She told us we were the worst class out of every class in kindergarten.

Excuse me, but you do NOT say that to a classful of children. Young children. And after more details were pulled from Boy Pop, this particular substitute should most definitely NOT be subbing at an elementary school level. She yelled at the class. Multiple times. This is so far from acceptable that I am still fuming.

I did not sign my son's note. Instead, I sent the actual teacher an email with my concerns. I tried to be polite. But I will not be signing this particular note home, period, and neither will Dr. Pop.

This woman can bite me.


Jessica Gottlieb said...

You are such a good mom.

How dare she not let a child eat?

Mrs Pop said...

Thanks Jessica. I was so very pissed off at this substitute! I think I have successfully had her removed from my son's school's rotation. The things she did and said to the class and to my boy were unacceptable!