Thursday, September 03, 2009

2 Days

For the past two or so months, during a wasteland of television broadcasting, a lot of my friends and acquaintences were counting the days until football season started. Not me, though. I was counting the days until my baby started school. And I was pleading with the universe to slow down, stop, stand still for a damned minute because I was not at all ready to let go of summer. Of the free time. Of being laid back. Of losing my baby to his childhood.

Then, the inevitable happened. Time kept moving. Faster and faster, the days approached. July 1. August 1. August 25.*

The day before school started, Dr. Pop, Boy Pop, and I made our annual pilgrimmage to the UT Co-op for new game-day gear. I wasn't able to find anything on that trip, mainly because I just wasn't ready. I wasn't "there" yet. Once school started on August 25th, after 60+ days of 100 degree temperatures during the season, the weather cooled off a little. One day this past week, it barely hit 90! It felt positively fall-like! And I liked it!

So I went back to my old favorite football message board... The Longhorn Mafia Fan Zone ( I clicked on "The 2009 Countdown to Kickoff" thread. I started getting pumped up. I returned to the Co-op. Still didn't find anything to wear, though. Oh well.

Then, this morning, I read the first of many articles that my friend, HornMafia, writes before the football games. Now tell me, how can you NOT get excited as a football fan? I present to you The Week That Will Be. My Longhorn fan friends will "get" this. And if you don't get the excitement surrounding college football? That's okay. But I feel a tiny bit sorry for you! ;)

On Saturday, Dr Pop and I will head down to the University of Texas Darrel K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium to attend opening day. We will be a part of the largest-ever crowd to watch a football game in the state of Texas. Maybe we'll see y'all there.
But just in case, I leave you with this... Filmed by me, before the UT vs. Missouri game last year.