Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Confession and Other Musings

This week has just about killed me...

Boy Pop loves school. He came home from his first day saying, "It was the funnest day, ever!" This week, he also was chosen to participate in the morning announcement broadcast, a production that shows to all classes first thing in the morning, via closed-circuit TV. He held the flag as the classes said the pledge of allegiance. My big boy! He was even the only one who held his hand over his heart!

As for me? I'm not loving my new schedule of waking up earlier than I ever thought I would, getting myself ready, then waking my child up, cooking breakfast, doing all the morning things with my child, then driving him to school and myself to work. I truly under-appreciated my husband these past three years. He graciously took over the morning routine once he started working out of the house and it SAVED me!

I took the day off work on Tuesday. I think that was, in hindsight, a mistake. What I gained in private time to sob for the end of my son's "baby"hood (yes, I know he's almost 6, but he was a baby!), I lost in other ways. It really was nice to have the day to myself, to be able to get some things done around the house, uninterrupted. To be able to do it all while I'm fresh and not exhausted by a nine hour grind at a place I don't love. To be able to pick up my son right when school got out and walk with him and hear all about the day, right when the day was done, and not after he spent time in after-school care.*

But then, when I was taking a quick trip to the store yesterday with Dr Pop, I was immediately reminded why I work... I dropped a tidy sum of money on items to improve the organization of my home. Money I earned and was able to spend any way I chose (after bills, of course). Money that would not be there otherwise. Money that helps us live a nice life and will help us quit the daily grind all the sooner.

I flip-flop on the subject a lot.

But if this week is any indication, then next 13 years are going to kill me.

*So, after-school care. Hmmm... Not loving my choice right now. It is at the school and is extremely chaotic. In the next few weeks, I think Dr Pop and I are going to come up with a plan to eliminate this altogether.

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