Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pardon me, I'm a little verklempt at the moment.

4 small glue sticks (white, dries clear)
2 Elmer's glue (no gel or "no run")
1 durable plastic pocket folders - green (no brads)
1 Red spiral notebook, wide rule, 70 pages
1 large box of Kleenex tissues
1 box Crayola colored map pencils - long, 24 count
1 package Manila drawing paper - 9x12
2 black, Mead brand Composition books - wide rule, 100 sheets
2 box #2 pencils - sharpened - 12 count
2 boxes Crayola crayons - 24 count
2 boxes Crayola Classic washable markers - 10 count
1 Crayola watercolor paints - 8 colors

1 box of 1-gallon size Zip-lock bags
1 box of 2- gallon size Zip-lock bags
1 box of quart size Zip-lock bags
1 ream of white Xerox paper

Rest towel - No plastic mat

Do not label supplies, since they will be pooled. Please label only the rest towel. When buying a backpack, please make sure it will be large enough to hold a rest towel and a folder.


Anonymous said...

oh my WORD. that sounds like a WEEK-LONG scavenger hunt!


Mrs Pop said...

Nah. I can probably knock it all out at Target or WalMart.

But the fact that I'm having to buy school supplies is what's choking me up.

I mean, are you sad at the thought of your littlest going to school this year or are you ready?

Binary Blonde said...

Oh no! I understood right away why you are upset. I would be sad, too. Heck, I'm sad that my boy is already eating finger foods and really enjoying self-feeding. I mean, I know that's a GREAT milestone and all, but... *whimper*... he's growing up too fast!

So, did you send Boy Pop to preschool or wait?

Mrs Pop said...

All the milestones are bittersweet. On the one hand, we are so proud of our children for reaching them and on the other? Well I cannot speak for anyone else, but each milestone causes me untold grief/guilt/sadness and a desire to stop time for just a while.

Boy Pop went to Mother's Day out for a few months (2 days a week). Then I went back to work full time on his 19-month birthday. He went to a full-time daycare/early childhood development center. Don't get me started on the guilt I live with on that one! But at least he's going into kindergarten reading, spelling, doing math, and knowing simple Spanish...

Jessica Gottlieb said...


weren't you potty training about a minute ago?

Mrs Pop said...

Jessica... It sure feels like it. But he starts official school in 18 days. And turns 6 exactly one month later.

Makes me tear up.