Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nightly Prayer and Other Musings

Now, in bullet point style!
  • Each night, I pray to God that I don't screw up Boy Pop's life.
  • Today, I took Boy Pop to get a chicken pox vaccine (new requirement to enter school).
  • I hate taking him to get shots.
  • Because he cries.
  • Which hurts me immensely.
  • So I took him to get ice cream afterwards.
  • He ate ice cream at 10:30 AM.
  • I didn't.
  • I should get a medal.
  • Because I love ice cream.
  • Especially chocolate drumsticks.
  • And now there is a box in my freezer with three more in it.
  • On the way home from the doctor's office, I was flipping through channels to find a good song.
  • Boy Pop made me stop on a Pink Floyd song.
  • Because he thought it was cool.
  • My kid loves music, but only the music I'm not totally enamored with.
  • But he loves Flyleaf.
  • And so do I.
  • They are from just up the road.
  • And for being a frequent artist on Sirius's Octane channel, one would never know that they are actually a Christian band.
  • But they are.
  • They announced it at either ACL Festival or South by Southwest this year.
  • I have yet to purchase a single school supply for Boy Pop.
  • But he has an awesome ATA backpack.
  • Hope it lasts.

The countdown begins...

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Jessica Gottlieb said...

I forge the health forms. it's not like you can read a doctor's writing anyhow.