Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What the H.E.L.L?

It is June 30th today. It seems like yesterday I sent a text to one of my friends, telling them to come to the pool and, "Viva June!"

And now we are 1/3 of the way through summer. June has been an extremely busy month, too! Lots of swimming and tae kwon do and family reunions.

Boy Pop spent a week with my parents and Dr Pop and I did not know what to do with ourselves! We ended up not doing a whole heck of a lot, just hanging out and missing our boy.

And, just because it had been ages since Boy Pop had gone and gotten sick, he decided to get the stomach bug from hell.

So this is how we spent most of yesterday... At the ER being treated for dehydration.

Please note that his poor little cat, "Pookie," got dehydrated from his stomach flu, also, and had to get an IV.

All is fine now. We got back home yesterday and today, in that amazing bounce-back way of his, Boy Pop is as right as the rainfall we just received.*

*Considering that we have been going through a 100+ degree heat wave for the past three weeks with virtually zero rain, today's rainfall is extremely "right."

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