Friday, January 30, 2009


I've been working out and eating (mostly) right. I've been cooking and going to church... I've also been doing Obagi for my skin.

This is not the first time I've gone through the program of Retin-A at night, Glycolic Acid in the morning, and bleaching cream both morning and night. In fact, I typically do it about 8 to 12 weeks each year, usually in the winter.

This IS, however, the first time in about 5 years that I've gone full-on, all-out, non-stop with the program.

I forgot something very important.

Obagi makes your face sort of ugly before it makes it pretty. I'm in the ugly stage. All my blemishes have been rising to the surface, so my face is very broken out. And the peeling! Oh. My. God! Enough with the peeling!!!

Last weekend, my breakouts were so bad, that I went and had emergency extractions at my esthetician. I think that made them worse, unfortunately.

Luckily, the breakouts seem to be subsiding, the peeling is revealing much smoother skin, and hey, I can stand anything for a short period of time.


Jessica Gottlieb said...


I've never heard of that.

Pitter Patterson said...

ugh... NOT what i needed to read! i just bought an entire obagi set this week and am planning to start next week after a big event is over. i can handle the redness and peeling but the breakouts, the break me down :( how long were you broken out for??

Mrs Pop said...

In all fairness, I am definitely prone to hormonal breakouts and it's been a stressful couple of weeks. So that, combined with a skin regimen that accellerates cellular turnover was a recipe for a mess... Don't not do it because you're afraid of a breakout!!!

Oh, and I'm still recovering... I got cysts. YAY! ;)

Annie MacKenzie said...

I haven't tried this but can relate to it ... when I tried growing my eyebrows out. I didn't pluck or wax for 3 weeks .. I started to look like WolfGirl.