Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playing Hookey

At the age of five, my child should not know the term "playing hookey" and yet, he does. We may or may not have thought it would be cute. He is in pre-kindergarten and not responsible for grades or attendance, so we are not that concerned that he is there every day.
This is our last year of getting to do this. This meaning having the ability to keep him home with us whenever we want without him being sick, or letting his grandparents take him out of school and on trips with them. So we are enjoying it, and so is he.
On Tuesday, Boy Pop got to spend the day with his daddy at home. They hung out, went to the video store, book store, and lunch. I know it meant a lot to my son.
I fully support him in his endeavors to not go to school on occasion. I think he'll play hookey some next week, too! So there! Only this time, I get to play hookey, too.

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