Friday, November 07, 2008


I had this great post planned for today. It was going to be awesome and vulnerable and all that crap.

Then I stopped for a Diet Coke on the way into the office.

To the morbidly obese (Seriously. Had to be 300+ pounds) mother standing in line behind me purchasing breakfast for your daughter:

Honey, 2 16 ounce, full-fat bottles of chocolate milk and 4 bags of cookies does not count as breakfast and is probably why you are the way you are. You just effectively killed any excuse you could have possibly come up with as to why you are so grossly obese and unhealthy (you know the ones... Metabolism, genetics, etc.). And now? You have proven that you want to kill your daughter with the same shit. I have no respect for you and I was the one who stared at you in judgment. Kill yourself with that crap but you have a responsibility to your child to not do the same to her.

No wonder there's an obesity problem in America. I witnessed why firsthand.