Tuesday, October 07, 2008

98. Go on a Bike Ride With My Husband and Son

This one, I have to say, was ambitious. Or so I thought. You see, when I made the list, I did not own a bicycle. I hadn't even ridden a bicycle since probably middle school. Needless to say, it had been a while. So when Boy Pop came home from a visit with his grandparents pushing a new bicycle, I knew that it was time to start looking, but still I put it off. Because I could.

I can walk at the same pace that Boy Pop rides. He's a little tentative and still slow moving. He needs to work on his balance. And all this is fine. We were late to the bicycle game with him. So I was content to walk alongside (or sometimes behind) him as he rode along through the neighborhood.

And then I started the list. And I remembered something that we used to do as a family when I was growing up. And I had to have a bicycle. So this past Thursday, after Boy Pop had his 5 year old checkup, we all went bicycle shopping. Can I just say that I really thought that I would want some sort of total "chick" bike? Seriously. I thought I'd want something that I could sit up tall on, had a big seat, and cool handlebars that could take a basket. You know… Something like this:

My husband, in true fashion, thought that I needed something a bit more robust, though. He started making suggestions and talking to the sales guy. I just stood there and was all, OOH! THAT ONE'S PRETTY! I was a total girl that day!

And then, to humor the man, I tested both types of bikes and lo and behold! I preferred this:


So instead of the cute girly bike, I end up with a men's mountain bike (a Raleigh Mojave 5.0 if you're interested) with disc brakes and 24 speeds.

Not being able to help himself, Dr Pop bought himself one the very next day.

We've been on two family rides since. That is another story…

Which I will tell you now. ;) So, um, yeah. Remember how I said up at the top of this post that I could walk alongside Boy Pop when he rode his bike? Well just because I got a bicycle of my very own does not mean he automatically gained more balance and speed. And he's tentative. And slams on his brakes a lot. While I'm riding behind him. And remember how I said I hadn't been on a bike since middle school? Apparently, I can still ride a bike, but my balance isn't what it should be, either, nor is my ability to turn and look behind me for oncoming traffic while maintaining a straight line and moving forward. Which is why I've mainly stuck to the sidewalks. And those reasons are why I've semi-crashed a few times already.

But I'm having a blast! Except for the chaffing. That part sucks.

Thanks for the new bicycle, Dr Pop, and for helping me work on this list!

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