Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I think that it is kind of obvious that blogging has been taking a backseat to the rest of my life here lately. It's not that I haven't done anything blog-worthy of late, in fact, it is quite the opposite!

August has been busy. So far, we've...

Ended the first half of the fiscal year of my company (always a pressure-filled time).
Gone to see Snoop Dogg.
Dealt with a crappy limo company.
Dealt with random stomach bug.
Celebrated birthdays of friends.
Gone to the lake.
Had two visits from my parents.
Planned a 5th birthday party.
Gone to the circus.
Gone to a dog's birthday party.
Changed hairdressers (LOVE my hair, by the way).
Gone to a back to school party complete with water slides, hot dogs, and sno-cones.
Lost my maid... AGAIN!!!!!
My cat got into rat poison. He's fine. So far. Little bastard.
Oh, and I'm now completely addicted to Facebook and Twitter. Urgh!

And the culmination of a quite busy month is a trip to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for the opening weekend of college football and Labor Day Weekend.

Looking at my calendar, the University of Texas football schedule, and the fall tee-ball schedule, it seems that September, October, and November will be pretty much just as busy or busier than August. Good thing everything has been fun for the most part!

I'm sure I'll have more drawn out stories to tell, but to just sum up August:
We partied, we played, we swam, we ate, we laughed, we had a blast, we survived, and I have an awesome new hairdresser!

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