Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Did I mention I was behind on updating? ;-)

This July 4th weekend was one that we truly enjoyed here at the Pop household. We had an especially good kickoff to the weekend on Thursday, the 3rd, with a parade at Boy Pop's school. It was so cute! All the kids wore different hats that they'd made and Boy Pop's class had red, white, and blue banners that they waved in the air.

Dr Pop and I try to never miss an event at Boy Pop's school. The look on his face every time he sees us standing there is priceless and beautiful.

After the school day was over, we loaded up and went to our local AAA baseball team's home game. Even though it was hot, we had terriffic seats behind home plate, in the shade. We ate junk food, watched our team win, and Boy Pop got to play with some friends.

The team moved its usual Friday night fireworks show to Thursday, too. They do it up right and their show rivaled the other local shows the next evening.

For the actual 4th, we lamented the fact that we'd left the planning too late and stayed home. But it wasn't at all boring. We had friends over, hung out at the surprisingly empty neighborhood pool for swimming, grilled good food, I made a cake, and we had our own little (ahem! illegal!) fireworks show.

Oh yes. There were also some beverages involved. The big boys acted silly while the girls and Boy Pop laughed.

After we decided to call it a night outside, we came in, ate some more, and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. My only regret was that Boy Pop fell asleep before the end, so he did not see the good guys win.

Saturday and Sunday were lovely and relaxing days spent swimming and hanging out at home. Even though we did not turn the long weekend into a trip to an exotic locale, it was definitely a great one!


Binary Blonde said...

Sounds like you had a perfect 4th weekend! I really gotta remember to take more photos. I don't think I've seen photos of Boy Pop before. He's freaking adorable!

Though, I think I can tell his real name by the popsicle stick he's holding. I dunno if that's an issue for you.

Mrs Pop said...

It was pretty great. :) And thanks for the compliment! I think he's pretty friggin awesome myself.

I liked the picture enough to post it... Not too much of an issue for me. My early blogs had everyone's names and I even posted using my first name instead of "Mrs Pop."