Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Confession

There were some thunderstorms passing through our area this morning. I thought the sky looked so cool when I was driving that I just HAD to take a picture. While driving. If I nearly ran you off the road this morning, I am sorry.

Once again, because Sue asked us to confess, I'm confessing...
I just donated a ton of clothes to It was painful to go through my closet and pull out clothes that no longer fit me, but were still in good enough shape for someone else to use. I ended up pulling out a lot of business appropriate attire, old favorite dresses, pants, suits, shirts, etc, to give away.
I'm a hoarder. I always feel as though I can't get rid of that! I might need it someday!. The truth of the matter is that I have a ton more to give. I have a closet in our office that is filled with clothes that have not been touched in four years. FOUR years!
Every time I do a closet clean out, I do find some items to donate to charity or sell in a garage sale, but I don't let go of nearly enough. Maybe one day.
And don't ask about papers, Boy Pop's artwork, cables, gadgets, random office supplies, receipts, magazines, or any of the other random, various, and asundry items that I manage to store out of sight. It's scary! I may just need an intervention like Delta Burke before it is too late!

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