Monday, April 07, 2008

Itty Bitty Soccer and Weekend Highlights

First let me type this little disclaimer: I know that there are a lot of opinions out there about keeping score and self-esteem and teamwork, etc. For the record, I think it is fantastic that teams for three and four year olds do not keep score. First, a child must learn fundamentals, teamwork, and that not everyone can kick a damn ball at the same time. Once they have that down, THEN we can start keeping score and being competitive. But Boy Pop's team won on Saturday. Hey, just because there is no "official" scorekeeper doesn't mean that I didn't... Okay... I may have been too busy taking pictures... But the coach did.

So. First soccer game on Saturday. Everyone got to play. There was a practice before the game started and it was also the first time most of the kids had ever met one another. Can you say chaos? Great job!

I was definitely impressed with how quickly they all caught on and how fast they realized that they each had a specific goal to kick towards. The other team had a little Pele in the making. Seriously!

Here are the highlights:
One goal scored by my boy.
7 goal attempts blocked after he moved to goalie.
2 collisions involving my boy.
1 black eye (Boy's).
1 set of tears (because of the black eye).
Lots of other crashes and collisions and tears by other kids.
Cold, congealed pizza purchased afterwards at the "concession stand" eaten by the three of us and no one got sick!

The remainder of Saturday was spent recovering and then eating Mexican food.

Sunday, though? Oh Sunday, you were so beautiful! The first hibiscus bloom of the season showed and it was just beautiful! We went to breakfast, then to the plant store to buy another hibiscus bush to replace one that passed away over the winter (We lost one despite dragging them inside every time it got below 40 degrees... Maybe we should have watered them more... Hmmm...). We went home and looked at playscapes online and debated buying one. We went to a local cave* and toured it. We had barbecue on Lake Austin. Good day. Excellent day. Gorgeous and perfect day!

*Round these parts, we have several large, prehistoric, cavernous caves. I believe our tour guide told us that there are 55 such caves in all of Texas, 5 are open to the public, and of those 5? 4 are in our neck of the woods. This was my first visit to the caves up the road and it was an experience to treasure.

We took a little trolley down, then got off and started walking through. We learned some of the history, how it was discovered, etc. The experience was made even better due to recent rains. There are these stones, called "flow stones," and they are what their name implies... A conduit for water. Some of the cleanest water you'll find anywhere is in that cave. Words and pictures cannot do it justice and I'm so glad that we all go to experience it together.

In fact, the weekend was a good one... Dr Pop and I got a sitter and got out of the house on Friday night. We had fun. I may have passed out a bit too early. Oh what am I saying? I *always* pass out too early. I'm a lightweight.

I do have some great photos of the weekend, and as usual, will put a few up once I get around to downloading them. I will probably have plenty of time to do that this week, though, as Dr Pop is going to be gone all week starting tomorrow. I think it's well documented how I feel about that. Hate. With. A. Firey. Passion. And we're not even behind on laundry so I'm not sure how I'll fill those hours...

Speaking of laundry... I've got quite the story...

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