Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Confession

Sue wants me to confess something every Friday...

Here goes...

I do not understand why so many people walk around with scowls and grimaces on their faces at my office. Sure, we work in a stressful environment, but there is no need to take it out on a total stranger!

For example... The bathrooms are set up so that you walk in one door, walk about five feet, and then walk through another door to get to the actual bathroom. There are at least a hundred women who have to use this particular restroom during the day, so naturally, someone will be coming in as someone tries to go out. EACH and EVERY time this happens to me, I get a look from the other woman that is indescribable. It's as if I'm totally putting her out because, hey! I need to pee, too! And oh no, I've caused her to pause her busy day by unknowingly opening the door to the ladies' room.

I cannot really describe it to the best of my ability, but it's starting to really piss me off!

And I truly believe that there are women in my building who were raised by pigs. How else can I explain why the toilets are not flushed sometimes? Or why there is a layer of water across the entire sink area? Or why the paper towels get thrown on the floor instead of in one of three trash cans? Or why they cannot be bothered to actually turn the water faucet off when they've finished washing their hands?

If anyone should be walking around with a scowl, it's me! But I still manage to smile.

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Cheryl said...

i get to use my own locked porta potty on my job. it's a beauty especially when they don't empty the entire thing when they clean it, they take part of it and just fill it with more water. then i'm right next door, side by side (to the guy porta potty) so if a man has to pee or by god do the other while i am peeing i get to get an ear full. oh ya and one last thing, it's been between 20 above and 15 below zero out and i have no heat in my toilet. so enjoy your indoor potty and just give the bitches dirty looks back when you feel the need, it will make you feel better.