Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Breaking In The IPhone

I think one of my favorite features on my new phone is the halfway decent camera it has. I've been used to the 1.2 megapixel camera in my old Razr, so the 2 megapixel camera is like a breath of fresh air!

I've told you all about my anniversary day, but I did not say it with pictures, so I thought I'd recap. We realized early on in the day that we'd forgotten our regular camera, but luckily, I had my phone.

Last Saturday (March 1), Dr Pop and I spent the afternoon out, playing, shopping, and celebrating our 5th year of marriage.

Our first stop was our local high end retail center because they had an Apple store. Dr Pop had waited patiently for two whole days and it was time to get him an iPhone, too. Before we did that, though, we went to lunch at this incredible place called Kona Grill, an Asian/Hawaiian joint. Dr Pop had sushi and I had this macadamia crusted chicken taco thing. Delish!

After we ate, we picked up his phone, did some window shopping, walked the entire length of the shopping center, then left. I had some new shoes to pick up.

Finally, we headed back to the car and were in the same food dilemma we'd been in all day. Where do we eat dinner?

I mean, do we go to the place where we had our first date? Or do we eat Mexican food (you know, in celebration of the actual location of our wedding)? In the end, we decided it was early enough to go to our first date spot and eat crab even though we were decidedly scummy-looking. Hey, it's Austin. No one really cares.

Of course, we didn't have our camera, but we caught a few images. And one of the coolest parts about the day was remembering how much we used to enjoy the restaurant!

And after doing what our mothers always told us not to do (i.e. play with our food), we stuffed ourselves silly with crab and vowed to go back again very soon.

Fortunately for us (unfortunately for Florida's stone crabs), "soon" turned out to be yesterday. Monday nights at Truluck's are "all you can eat stone crab claw night." We decided over the weekend that we definitely needed to take advantage of the deal, so yesterday after work we loaded Boy Pop* and ourselves into the car and headed downtown...

Boy Pop was less than impressed by the crab meat. So he had chicken while Dr P and I pigged out (he ate 17 and I ate 11 claws). And while we were finishing up our food, we found yet another great use for our phone!

Dr Pop had brilliantly thought to load a movie onto his phone. It just so happened that this particular one is one of Boy Pop's faves.

*Some people have a rule about bringing children to restaurants, and to tell the truth, I do, too. My rule is that children must behave. I watch the eyes of restaurant staff widen in horror occasionally when they see my little four-year-old walking in with us. What they don't know is that should my little one act up, I'm committed to leaving. Pretty much solves most problems.

I'd say that the phone is now effectively broken-in.

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