Thursday, February 21, 2008


Actually, this post will not contain any photographs. So I suppose the title is a bit misleading.

Yesterday evening, Dr, Boy, and I went to get passport pictures taken. Alas, our passports expire in the next couple of months, so we have to get them renewed. As an aside, I love that these things are good for 10 years, but Good Lord! I sure do look different than I did in 1998! In a good way. Except for maybe the little lines. Ahem! Anyway. Our first stop was at Walgreen's. They used a crappy camera, charged us about $16, and Dr Pop and I were unrecognizable. Seriously. Two of the worst-looking photographs either of us had taken, including some of the no makeup, messy hair Christmas morning ones.

Totally depressed at the prospect of strangers having to look at those two pictures of us for the next ten years, we headed over to the Mail Boxes place to pick up a Fed Ex shipping label, staple the offending pictures to our applications, and mail 'em off. And then I asked the question, "Do y'all take passport photos?" And they did! And they used a much more professional camera on a tripod. The pictures turned out a million times better. I'm still not thrilled with mine because my cheeks are a little chipmunk-y and I'm due for a root touch-up, but another $26 later, we have decent passport pictures to get us through the next decade.

What was Boy doing during all of this? Eating candy purchased at the Walgreen's fiasco and drinking Grape Propel. I know. We totally suck. But he was happy.

Later on last night, I put the finishing touches on our applications and stapled the pictures in the appropriate spot. I then turned my attention to my Valentine's Day gift from Dr Pop. What's that? I didn't mention my gift before??? Shame on me! Dr Pop bought me this darling little photo paperweight in the shape of a heart. I took a printed copy of my masthead photo and cut it to fit. And then I put it all together. It's really cool!

Finally, I did not download any pictures from our camera yesterday. It's been a while since I have done any transfers from the camera to the hard drive, and I really need to get on that. For one, I'd like to put a new picture or two up here. For two, I need to make some CDs for my mom. And for three, I need to make some more albums on Kodak Gallery.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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