Monday, February 25, 2008

GROSSLY Ill-equipped for raising a boy...

Exerpt from a real conversation last night at the end of Boy Pop's bath:

The set up: Boy Pop stood up to get ready to get out of the tub and he was holding his little "package" and squeezing it to one side.

Boy Pop: Look Mommy! I have a ball here!
Me: Uh, yes, you do. But we don't talk about that. Stop squeezing.
BP: Where are your balls, Mommy?
Me: Mommy's don't have them.
BP: Oh.

A few minutes later, I relayed the conversation with Dr Pop.

Dr Pop: You should put this on your blog.

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FarmWife said...

Oh my goodness!! About a month ago, I was setting in the bathroom (really, can't a gal pee alone in this house?) when #1 Son came running in very excited. "Mommy, Mommy!! I have two balls in me!! Look!" And he promptly drops trou. "Look, Mom. See them? Two balls inside my body! Isn't that neat?"

Being a stickler for more medical terms for bodyparts I said, "Who told you they were called balls?"

"Daddy said that's what they are."

I had words with Daddy. Husband swears he never said anysuch thing. He claims to have been ambushed much as I was by the little man. "Look, Daddy, I have two balls in me!"