Wednesday, January 09, 2008

To-Do List version 2008

Y'all, I took down my New Year's Resolution post. I just wasn't feeling it. In fact, I'm not really feelin' this year so far. The last two weeks have just been a bit surreal and, um, yeah... See? I can't even put my finger on what is going on here! It's been a blur, really, but not in a frantic, speeding by kind of way.

I haven't even made a single list in the new year. That right there tells me something is very wrong. So the thing is, I'm not really good with resolutions. Not really. I love making them. Love the process of digging through all the things I think I should be doing and making the list of things I want to change about myself.

I need something to knock my butt back on course and back in the swing of things. It's EIGHT DAYS into the new year. It's about time. I think having my son ask me on Monday if I was going to do my work out was a hint or something...

So. Here's my list of things to do in 2008 (in no particular order):

Plan out menus, grocery shop in advance, and prepare and cook healthy dinners for my family more than once or twice per week.

Plan and execute a mother/daughter weekend with my mother.

Go to the beach.

Get back to eating right and working out regularly (i.e. get back my rockin' bod) not just in preparation for said beach vacation (above) but also beyond the vacation and get to the point where I never have to make another "work out/eat right" resolution-type thingy ever again!

Drink more water and take a vitamin every day.

Take my son to the park more.

Go to church more often (since I don't believe I made it at all in 2007, the term "more" technically means "once" but I'm aiming for "more than once or twice" so as not to set myself up for failure automatically with an "every Sunday"-type resolution that would have already been broken).

Snuggle more with Dr Pop on the couch.

Kiss Dr Pop more (much more... Hey baby, let's make out!).

Actively participate when playing with Boy Pop instead of always being distracted.

Pay off the store cards.

Save more of my income.

Make my home a showplace by finally (after more than four years) decorating it, painting walls, moving furniture, clearing out all the crap, and generally treating it like we are going to be here a long while.

Remember that I have gone through hard times and give to those who are less fortunate than myself.

Continue to teach Boy Pop to give back.

Treat the environment better than I do (i.e. maybe get a recycling bin or two?).

Stay on top of laundry and tidying up during the week so that I don't have to spend the weekend playing catch-up for all the stuff I let go.

Flirt with my husband more. I've forgotten how to flirt, though. Lord, he's going to think I've lost my mind!

Take our tax forms to the accountant before April 10th... Preferably get them to him in January or February.

Let go of the grudges that I still hold and make peace with the past so that I can live in the present.

Do all of my Christmas shopping in November.

Put together Boy Pop's baby book (Yes. He's four. So what?).

Do more craft projects with Boy Pop. He loves them and so do I!

Find my balance between work and life and find my niche professionally. I need to be passionate about a job to truly enjoy myself and if I'm spending a third of my week somewhere, I need to at least enjoy myself, otherwise, why exactly aren't I home with my kid?

So that's it, I suppose. It's a fairly lengthy list and it is ambitious and still incomplete in a lot of ways, but I really feel that 2008 is going to be a stellar one. It may not have gotten off to the best of starts, energy-wise, for me, but so far, eight days in, it hasn't totally sucked, either. And that's saying something!

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Sue Doe-Nim said...

How about showing us the watch?

That's what I'm waiting for.

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