Sunday, November 11, 2007

Working Out*

*This really belongs in the working out blog, but it is also something I'm grateful for, so there!

Yesterday, I dusted off my old Turbo Jam DVDs and thought, "What the Hell?" After not touching a Turbo workout in months, I thought I could handle the 45 minute cardio workout.

I made it through 12 minutes. This morning, I could barely move. Literally every part of my body aches. My arms, shoulders, obliques, back, legs... Everything hurts still.

Man! I'm outta shape!

This afternoon, in an effort to burn off some of my son's energy, I put him on his big wheel and we set off for the park, almost a mile away. We stayed and played, then headed home. We were both given a workout by the playing!

There is something to be said to have a workout buddy. It's even better when the buddy is your child.

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