Thursday, November 29, 2007


Y'all, today has been so completely and insanely busy. Ugh! I had to cancel the maid for tomorrow (she was supposed to come today) because, hello? We make the hours, not the other way around and I really hate getting a call two hours prior to when I expect you, telling me you'll be there the next day when we accommodated your schedule specifically to change days, and, well, I'm the boss. Oh well. We have so much Christmas stuff all over the place and still in boxes that it's practically impossible to move around the place anyway.

I'm still annoyed at the NFL network. You guys suck. Your network sucks. Your greed, well, sucks. I absolutely and flat-out refuse to go with the sucky satellite providers just to get a couple of football games.

I got a bluebird today (figuratively) but there are issues with it, so it isn't showing up in my system. I need it to show up!!!

I really wanted to post some long, meaningful post about life, love, and kittens, but instead I've been supremely busy and have had zero time to breathe. Hence the late-in-the-day post.

My face is peeling off since I started Obagi again... 1% Retin-A plus a glyclolic acid? Peeling face. I'm powering through it, though. Aren't y'all proud? At any rate, it's supremely better than injecting poison into my face, potentially atrophying the muscles, thus causing more and permanent damage to my skin.

I'm totally loving The Real Housewives of Orange County this season. Those ladies, all of those ladies, serve as a big warning of how NOT to parent. Seriously. They are horrible mothers! But I'm addicted to the show.

One day left of NaBloPoMo... Tomorrow's post, the last hurrah, should be good. I hope.



Sue Doe-Nim said...

So funny I watched a few RHOOC and when one of them was diagnosed with skin cancer I found myself rooting for the cancer.

Then I felt horrible and deleted it from the Tivo.

Mrs Pop said...

She was actually one of the better ones... Not to spoil it, but she left.

This season is just pitiful, too.