Friday, November 30, 2007

Last One for NaBloPoMo

I was going to talk about my experience last night, watching the Cowboy/Packer game. I was planning another rant about the NFL Network and crazy drivers.

But I'm not.

A fellow blogger, who I read daily, has gone through a devastating experience. I'd link to it, but I would prefer her permission first. Needless to say, my heart aches for this woman I've never met except via the blog and a few emailed conversations.

I used to be big into this Texas Longhorn online bulletin board. I'd have these random conversations with complete strangers posted on the internet. I did come to meet a lot of these people in person, gathered through a common interest at Longhorn tailgates. I consider these people friends and acquaintances now, even though they started out strangers and we met in an unconventional way.

In a lot of ways, blogging is like those old message boards. We stumble upon someone's site, decide whether or not we like it, leave a comment or two, then BAM! All of a sudden there are these people in far away places you want in your life (either as friends or random acquaintances, both can be fun). They are people you just know would be totally cool to hang out with, drink some wine with, and get silly. They are people for whom you wish the best and offer comfort and advice to when things are not going so well. From the links at the right, I have a handful of those that fit that description:

The Adventures of Action Girl
Moments of a Blonde
Sue Doe Nim
Chitlins and Camembert
Older But Not Wiser
Sticky Feathers

I'm thankful for the far-flung worlds that I get to peek into on a daily basis. There is not one on that list who is within a 500 mile radius of my home, (two are overseas!) but should they ever make it down here, I'd totally want to hang out.

So today, on the last day of NaBloPoMo, I'd just like to say that while I am extremely thankful for my friends in "real" life, I'm equally thankful for those who I've greeted over the past several years via this thing called a blog.


Sue Doe-Nim said...

Awww, and you know I'd buy you a martini AND drive you back to your hotel if you make it out to LA.

FYI check your spam box, I invited you to Gilt before I ever even posted about it. I knew you'd want it.

Mrs Pop said...

You totally rock! :)

I saw the invite come to my work email, but our firewall blocks the site. :( I'll check my home email tonight.

emily said...

Aw, me too.