Monday, November 05, 2007

Rambling (More Tee Ball Notes)

I really, really want to go into a long rant about the little brats out on the tee ball field Saturday... The little bullies who got into a fight on second base (where I was coaching)... The shithead parents who sat around on their bottoms and talked to each other... The jackass who was loudly doing business on his cell phone... The idiot who was smoking by the batting area... Oh, I have lots to say... But I'm not going to...

You see, I cannot control others. I want to a lot of the time because, well, I'm judgmental. I have it in my head the way things are supposed to be and if they are not that way, then I get pissed off. But on Saturday, I went with the flow. And do you know what I heard as I was coaching second while my team was up to bat?

I heard a very sweet little boy yell out this, "C'mon get a big hit!" And I heard, "Good job!" And then I heard, "You can do it!" And the little voice's owner? None other than MY boy. Dr Pop has been encouraging Boy Pop to encourage his teammates and he's been doing this for the past few weeks. What made Saturday special was not only the fact that my parents were there to witness it, but that during the second inning, another child joined in.

We lead by example, ALL of us. And if the parents aren't going to teach their children how to behave, well then, MY FOUR YEAR OLD just might.

And as an added bonus, I'm so thankful that Faith Hill replaced Pink as the Sunday Night Football singer. She's way better. Plus, I am not a fan of Pink.

Oh, and thanks to MNF moving to ESPN and Frank and Al moving over to NBC for Sunday nights, we now have TWO football songs to dance to each week! There really isn't much in this world that is more fun than two adults and one preschooler dancing like fools to a song on the TV. We started it during MNF, then added Sunday last year, and occasionally we throw in The Ultimate Fighter theme song, too. We dance. We dance a lot. In our living room. With the blinds open.

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