Friday, November 16, 2007

A New Respect (Day One of Vacation)

Today, I woke up about an hour later than normal. That was nice. I fixed the Boy a small snack as he's never very hungry first thing in the morning.

I got the trash out, started the dishwasher, read a little, and hand washed some dishes. When Dr Pop got up, I made bacon and eggs for breakfast, then got the Boy ready for school and dropped him and some magazines off.

When I got home, I surfed the net, finished a book I'd been reading, unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the breakfast dishes, and took a shower while Dr Pop worked on his weekly report.

Now I'm sitting here overhearing a training that Dr Pop has to take and I have an entirely new respect for his job (not that I hadn't had respect before, mind you). As many complaints as I have about what I do for a living, at least I do not have to listen to mind-numbingly boring training sessions that are 1) repeats of other identical trainings, and, more importantly, 2) conducted by someone who barely speaks English.

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