Thursday, November 15, 2007

It Couldn't Come at a More Opportune Time

I have had a countdown ticker on my computer for the past month or so... It's been counting down the days until I use up the last of my allotted vacation time. Today, my counter is counting down in hours and minutes and not months and days. That's right, in 6 hours and a few minutes, I'll be on vacation.

A cold front moved through last night and as of right now, the temperature outside is a cool 50 degrees. Down from the 80s yesterday. Tonight we'll hit the upper 30s. I'm so ready for this new weather, but of course I'm in Texas, so by Thanksgiving the temperature will be back in the 80s. Oh well. I'm thankful for whatever cool weather we can get.

Today begins Boy Pop's "Coats for Kids" drive. We donated 6 lightweight jackets and one heavy coat this morning. It feels good to do that. Really good. I want to do more.

Yesterday I was a real bitch to a person who came to my door petitioning for support for some environmental political thingamajig. I should have told her that I'd just gotten home from work and hadn't even had the opportunity to go to the bathroom yet and that it was a bad time. Because it was. I have sympathy for door-to-door workers. But why is it that they knock on my door right when the evening is at its most chaotic? I feel bad, but I did wish her luck in her quest. I could have been much meaner, though.

Last night was the last tee-ball practice for our team. Only two players showed up, including the Boy. Of course, it was dark and that cold front was blowing in, but still! It would have been nice to see others show up. Saturday is our last game. This has been an interesting experience to say the least. Our first team sport. Next up is soccer. That should be fun, too. But not until January.

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