Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Haphazard? Yes.

Getting done anyway? Yes.

I'm making headway in all my grandiose plans for this glorious time off of work...

Here's a progress report:

We have done a lot of the Christmas shopping. Just a few items to order online and/or pick up here and there. Some gift cards are left as well.

I've cleaned out three cabinets in my kitchen and reorganized my pantry.

I've cleaned out my linen closet and all my old makeup and cosmetics.

I mailed a gift to Sue (Hi Sue!).

In a couple of inspired and random fits of energy, I pulled out clothes and shoes of mine that have been stuffed in random closets for over four years, and put them in big bags to take to Goodwill.

Also, I've taken some of Boy Pop's old toys, eating utensils, sippy cups, bottles, clothes, shoes, bedding, and one of our humidifiers and also bagged it all up for Goodwill.

We've donated all of Boy Pop's old jackets and coats to "Coats for Kids."

I, like a possessed woman, started to clear some room in our guest closet for my parents tomorrow and managed to organize all the gift bags and bag up a huge bag of garbage (too late for today's pickup, unfortunately).

I found a stash of old purses, toys, etc. in the office closet and also bagged them up for Goodwill.

Dr Pop and I made a stop to Goodwill this morning and I just got back from another run.

I'm nowhere near finished in the clearing of all my clutter, but a lot of stuff is gone and it feels wonderful! I'm going to enlist my mother tomorrow afternoon in helping me with the rest of my clothes and Boy Pop's clothes. She's a really good sounding board for all of that. Plus there are sure to be some things she'll want.

Yesterday, Dr Pop and I put the lights on our house (see yesterday's post). Today we hope to get the fence line done.

All that's left to do for Thanksgiving prep is to buy the rib roast, assemble the casseroles, and bake my chocolate harvest cake.

Oh yeah, I have some dusting, vacuuming, and laundry to do, too.

I think I'm driving Dr Pop bonkers because he thinks I should be relaxing and I cannot seem to sit still. Thankfully, he's playing golf right now. I have so much more to do! Scratch that. I have so much more that I WANT to do. That's what frustrates me. I so rarely have days that I can just dig in and clean out stuff. I want to take advantage of it while I can while still relaxing and enjoying this time and being lazy, too.

ARGH! I hate all this junk that's everywhere!!! Sometimes the blessing of having enough becomes the burden of abundance. I'm just glad that I can do some good with it. I thought about saving it all up for a garage sale in the spring, but I think this is better. It feels so good to give.

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