Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to the Grind

This is probably my favorite picture of Boy Pop. He's taking a practice swing here.

Here, he's getting ready for his final at-bat of the season. He hit the ball all the way to the outfield!

All the kids got participation medals at McDonald's. I don't know which part was better for him... Getting the medal or playing on the playscape.

The 17th was our last tee-ball game of the season. It was a great day and a great finish to the season. Boy Pop has really taken to the sport. Next up is probably winter soccer, but we are debating this since the games will be on cold January mornings. We might wait until spring.

I'm back at work and really wishing for a re-do of last week. We had such a lovely time during my days off and I'm not ready to be back in the land of working people. I have created a new countdown timer for the holidays. There are 28 days until Christmas Eve, people! Yikes!

As NaBloPoMo winds down, I realize that I haven't said or written nearly as much as I wanted to. That's the way it always goes, though. I didn't even list what I'm thankful for this year yet. And this whole "blessed" thing didn't work out quite the way I'd intended, either. Oh well.

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