Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tee Ball

Boy Pop started tee ball two weeks ago and is having a great time! So have Dr Pop and I. At this age (3 - 4), the parents are asked to take a very active role in the practices and games. We are supposed to play catch with our children, stand out with them, coach the bases, help with batting, etc. I think it is great. I wouldn't dream of expecting the coach to do it all.

Sadly, my husband and I are in the minority. As Dr Pop stood with the Boy while he was fielding (as requested), they needed someone to coach third base. I was standing with my camera, ready to get a good shot of the action, and someone's mother yelled out, "Hey, are you coaching third?" I said I would as I scanned the "audience" around me.

What I saw was entirely too frustrating for me... I saw lawn chairs filled with the butts of parents who were talking to each other, yelling across the field at their other children who were running out onto the field, and in general just socializing instead of helping their kids. It broke my heart.

We are the parents. We are supposed to be there for our children, cheering them on, helping them with their first team experiences. Why don't more parents "get" it? Are my expectations too high?

By the way, the other team did not show up, so our team played itself. It worked out well, and for two innings, each child got to bat and run the bases. I'm a firm believer in keeping score and encouraging talent, but I'm more than happy for this to be my son's first foray into team sports because at four? It isn't about the win. It's about nourishing a love for something beyond cartoons and trains.

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