Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More of what kids say...

"Mommy, can we say 'God'?"
"Yes, we can."
"Can we say 'damn'?"
"No, Booble, that is a bad word and I don't want you to say it."
"I meant Beaver dam, Mommy!"
What is a Mommy to do?
"Mommy, I'm the luckiest boy!"
I look down at him, my heart just melting, as I ask, "You are? Why is that?"
"Because I found two of my train cars!!!"
He definitely got me.
Did I promise pictures from the Boy's first UT Longhorn game?

Ready to walk to the tailgate...

It was very hot!

About to walk to the stadium...

Horns UP!

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Karly said...

Cute pictures!