Monday, August 13, 2007

Mostly Rhetorical Questions and Random Thoughts

Why is it that if someone vociferously states a viewpoint that is somehow against our own, we automatically dismiss them as “dumb” or resort to name calling (i.e. bitch, asshole, jerk, idiot, etc.)?

How awesome is it that playing the Nintendo Wii has been proven to burn calories?

Why do I feel that sporadic playing of Wii Sports is an acceptable substitute to actual workouts, including, but not limited to my Turbo Jam, weight lifting, or running?

It would be really, really, really nice to win the lottery.

Why do I find the sentences, “Will you stay and continue to rock my world?” and “I’m sorry, but the tour is over for you,” so completely hilarious when uttered by a bloated Bret Michaels?

Why do I actually feel semi-guilty for wanting to keep Boy Pop home this weekend instead of sending him to my grandmothers with my parents, especially after he has only been home for a week and a half?

How did I get so lucky to be blessed with the family, both immediate and extended, that I have?

Do Amber and Danielle (Big Brother 8) know how completely annoying and horrible they both are? And I do mean really, really, really, really annoying!

Danielle (BB8) could stand to consume a couple of cheeseburgers.

When it comes right down to it, I don’t like ALL reality shows. Shows that have to do with singing and dancing make me want to pull my hair out one follicle at a time.

I cannot wait for college football season to start! It’s just about the only sports season that I care about. Even then, I really only care how my Texas Longhorns are doing. Other sports? Meh. Golf is okay to watch, I want the Cowboys to do well because it makes the house more pleasant during game times, ditto for the Atlanta Braves, and I like to watch my former Longhorn players do well for their respective NFL teams, but really? I’m happier reading a book and watching the highlights.

I need another vacation.

Weeds starts up again tonight! Hooray!

The finale of Hell’s Kitchen is tonight. I’m rooting for Roc. This show has quickly become one of my summertime “must” shows, on-par with Big Brother.

I wish that Victoria Beckham’s show had been on for more than one episode.

Much to Dr Pop’s pleasure, I’ve completed my Harry Potter reading marathon. In three short weeks, I read book 7, then re-read all seven in a row. I will freely admit that I may have been a tad obsessive about it.

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