Monday, June 11, 2007

When? Not Quite Yet.*

This weekend, we drove up to Dallas to go to the wedding of one of my oldest friends. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was stunning and glowing as she strutted down the aisle, and the reception was one of the coolest I’d ever attended.

The reception was at the Dallas World Aquarium. And the guests got a private and leisurely tour complete with hors devours and drinks before the main buffet and more traditional reception time. Dr, Boy, and I attended. It was just lovely. Sadly, we had to leave early and drive to Austin that night because I was ill.

We stayed at the new W hotel in Dallas. By “stay” I actually mean “paid for the night, went to the pool, and only stayed for 8 hours.” Speaking of the pool… Apparently, the W hotel pool is desperation-central for single women in Dallas on Saturday afternoons. They have a DJ spinning out on the deck and everything. It's like one big night club but with bikinis and in daylight. Seriously.

I went down to meet Dr P and the Boy and they were practically surrounded by women. Hmph! And there was this girl on one of the loungers… I can’t even describe the show she was putting on for my husband. The funniest thing to me, though, was how the ladies dispersed once I got into the water and the Boy started saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Look at this!” But it didn’t stop some of the girls from attempting to get Dr Pop to meet them at Ghost Bar. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Any person who will actively pursue someone who is married is scum. And a whore. And a lot of other bad names.

I definitely want to escape back there for a romantic weekend with Dr Pop sometime soon, though. Only next time, I want to get a massage or a facial at the on-site Bliss spa and go to Ghost Bar. It's definitely not a kid-friendly hotel (side note: At the restaurant, the maitre'd handed Boy Pop his own menu that was just like ours. I think he was the first three year old to have ever been inside.).

*What the “Do Not Disturb” sign says instead of “Do Not Disturb”


Pitter Patterson said...

was hubby wearing his wedding band and they STILL hit on him??

Ellen said...

No, hubby doesn't wear a wedding band. But AFTER I came down and let it be known that this was MY family, some of the (ahem!) ladies still tried to get him to meet them out. Yeah. It didn't happen.