Thursday, June 07, 2007

And What, Pray Tell, Was Boy Pop Doing?

While Dr Pop and I were off galivanting around Mexico, the Boy Pop was boozing it up across Texas... No, not really. He spent a wonderful week with his grandparents and great-grandmother, peppered with visits to aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Below are some highlights...

128 tickets on one game at Chuck E. Cheese!

Intently watching Shrek 3 while sipping on a Sprite...

Hanging out by one of my parents' many huge oak trees...

Pulling at his swim suit...

In all, I don't think our boy missed us, like, AT ALL. He was too busy being spoiled rotten by his family and mastering the games at that horrible pizza place. There were some random adorable things said, though, that I simply must repeat...
After climbing onto my parents' bed, Boy Pop looks at one of my wedding portraits:
Boy Pop: GrandDad, Mommy sure is beautiful with her wings* on.
*The "wings" in this case happened to be my veil.
After it was decided that the whole family would go to lunch at a local BBQ joint:
Boy Pop: GrandDad, would it make you feel better if we went to Gattiland?
GrandDad: Well, would it make you feel better?
Boy Pop: Yes, it would.
GrandDad: Well okay, then.
This weekend, it's off to Dallas for a wedding and a wedding reception at an aquarium. Boy Pop is gonna love it!

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