Monday, June 18, 2007

Seven Random Things

I've been tagged by the Lovely Miss Violet, so with out further ado, here are 7 things you may or may not know about me...

1) I am an extremely emotional person and wear each emotion on my face. You will always know if I’m happy, sad, pissed off, upset, frustrated, etc.

2) I listen to Dr. Laura every chance I get and go to her site quite regularly to read the letters from her listeners and her blog. I don’t agree 100% with everything she preaches, but I appreciate her directness, bluntness, and her encouragement for everyone to “Do the Right Thing.”

3) I was a ballerina for 13 years, performing for six of those years in key roles in The Nutcracker when I was in middle and high school. I miss the regimen of my classes (I took classes for two hours a day, five days a week in high school), but I am in MUCH better shape, physically, now, 16 years and 1 child later.

4) I hold grudges and really do not like being betrayed. And if you are one of the two people I profess to hate, well, I still hope karma catches up to you and you get the miserable lives you deserve in the end. (See? Grudge-holder. Ugh! But it takes a lot to get on the hate list, as evidenced by only two members in 33 years!)

5) I have very strong religious beliefs and pray every night, giving thanks for my blessings and asking for guidance and peace with various things that I have a difficult time dealing with (such as #4). I no longer attend church, but will be starting back again soon so that my son can learn all of the good Sunday School stories.

6) I get frustrated very easily, both when I cannot figure something out and also when I cannot get someone to understand what I’m saying. That made teaching middle school difficult at times. It also makes parenting a challenge. I work on it every day.

7) I talk a big game, but in the end, I prefer to keep the peace. I do not like to disappoint anyone.

Now, who to tag? Hmm... Anyone who wants to do it... :) But I'd like to see Miss Pitter, Janna, and Emily do it. :)


Pitter Patterson said...

what are the rules? just 7 random things about yourself???

Ellen said...

That's it... 7 random things about yourself that others may or may not already know...

Pitter Patterson said...

okay, here goes nothin':
1) i REALLY hate losing things. even tiny, insignificant things... i flip out. i didn't realize this until i had children who lose HALF of what you give them. it's so bad, i think i need therapy :)
2) i birthed my second child with almost no epidural- where's my damn trophy?!!!?
3) if i could only eat one thing the rest of my life, i would choose chips and hot sauce (okay, that's two things).
4) i also have an unhealthy fear of public water (ie pools, waterparks)... see, told you i need therapy.
5) im not liberal by any means, but i AM a tree-hugger. i get really upset when i see large numbers of trees being cleared. i just always think about how old they are... such a shame! my eldest child even tries to shelter me from this. she'll say "oh no, mommy, don't look out your window..."
6) when i was in college, my roommate and i used to launch old food from our fridge into the fraternity house backyard across the street with a giant sling shot. yeah, beat THAT one!!
7) i love reading blogs.... but im very picky. ive only found about 5 that are worth reading - and they have to blog pretty regularly or they get marked off my list! love you ellen!

Ellen said...

You were supposed to put these on YOUR blog, silly. ;-)

OMG! I totally forgot #6! Who were our neighbors over there? I'm just glad they were cool or else it would have sucked sharing a balcony.

Love you, too, Amelia!

Pitter Patterson said...

woman, you should know by now that i don't post ANYTHING on my blog... i don't even remember HOW! nobody but you even knows it exists!