Monday, June 25, 2007


I always feel as though I’m forgetting something.

Seriously. I’m a major list-maker. I have notebooks upon notebooks full of things to do… Some things are simple and placed on the list just so that I can scratch it off and say, “See? I accomplished something today!” and others stay on the list perpetually (i.e. laundry, organize this or that, etc.). It seems lately, though, that no matter how much I include on the list, I always feel as though I’ve forgotten something or that it is incomplete.

Probably the main reason that I feel this way is that I have had three things that are semi on the list, but not quite written down, that are hanging over my head. So, world-wide-web, it’s confession-time:

1) We traded in Dr Pop’s car a year and a half early and I didn’t want to tell my folks because my mom tends to get all judgmental over how we spend our money. Seriously. She cannot bring herself to appear excited or happy about anything fun or good that happens to us. She has her own opinion on what we should be doing and if she doesn't like our choice, she goes all silent and judge-y.

2) Dr Pop will not be attending my grandfather’s birthday/family reunion on Saturday because it is his own mother’s 60th birthday. I know my mom will be pissed off, so I’ve put off telling her, but now we are down to the wire. Plane tickets and hotel reservations are involved, so I really need to bite the bullet.

3) Dr Pop’s birthday is in less than three weeks… A) No gift has been decided upon, but a HUGE thanks to Violet (and congrats, too, beautiful ring!!!) for suggesting the “experience” deal. B) No celebration has been decided upon, either (Big party, little party, no party, Vegas, Dallas, home???).

So that’s the list. I confessed the car last night (WTF? “Confessed”?? Like we did something bad or something.). I’ll confess the change in travel plans today or tomorrow (via email, methinks, as bad news is much easier to deliver without a voice at the other end of the line), and we will nail down Dr Pop’s birthday arrangements this week (if all goes well).

P.S. I totally get that as a 33-year-old wife and mother that this post has me coming across as afraid of my mother. Unless you’ve walked an hour in my shoes, you cannot judge me.

P.P.S. It’s not “fear” per se as much as it is I detest her reactions and therefore only try to get positive reactions out of her. Ask Dr Pop, though, I’ve become much better at telling the woman “no” from time to time.

P.P.P.S. I was raised on the “I’m disappointed” speech. Both my parents have this way of making me feel like total shit if I dare disappoint them.

P.P.P.P.S. Yes. I have issues. Who doesn’t?

P.P.P.P.P.S. But isn't the car cool?

And the driver isn't bad, either! ;-)

Very cool, indeed...

*Yes, this is very, very sad and pathetic, Dr Pop... ;-)


Pitter Patterson said...

SUH-WEET ride, dr pop! what's that mrs pop is driving? is that a MOM-mobile in the garage!??? (yes, i drive one too - but not a brand spanking NEW one!) gone are the days of the convertible cadillac alante and dodge stealth ;) hey, im still scared of my mama and i AINT afraid to admit it :) at least yours doesn't live three blocks away!

Ellen said...

:) Yep... Mom-mobile.

Sigh! I miss the Allante. She was so pretty. And I cannot hear Technotronic without thinking about rolling down through West Campus in the Stealth.

I knew that you'd "get" it. It's not "scared", more like "hate the silence/non-excited/judgment."