Friday, January 19, 2007

A Book Meme... I've been tagged!!! It's a first!!!

Emily tagged me with a meme! Thanks!

1. A Book that Changed Your Life
The Bombshell’s Manual of Style

2. A Book You've Read More Than Once
I am a re-reader if I like the story. I’d say Bridget Jones’ Diary is my favorite re-read, though.

3. A Book You'd Take onto a Desert Island
The Bible. I’d finally have the time to read it.

4. A Book That Made You Laugh
Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster.
Anything by Janet Evonovitch

5. A Book That Made You Cry
Where the Red Fern Grows

6. A Book You Wish Had Been Written
I wish my friends and I had written our “Wrong Guy” concept book. Who knows? We may still.

7. A Book You Wish Had Never Been Written
No idea.

8. A Book You're Currently Reading
I’ve got a couple of trashy romances that are calling my name…

9. A Book You've Been Meaning To Read
The new Anna Quindlen novel.

10. Now Tag Five People You Want to Hear From:
Oh, I don’t know… I’ve never tagged anyone before…
Lestat, Zuzula, Violet, and Amy for sure… Any lurkers?


Sarah said...

Over here from Emily's, reading the book lists. I enjoyed Anna Quindlen's book - I really dig the stuff she writes - have you read "Black and Blue"?

Ellen said...

I have not read that one yet. I have this huge stack of books that I should read, but can only seem to bring myself to read the trashy stuff lately.