Friday, December 15, 2006

A Year in the Blog...

I stole this one from Zuzula. I think it's a great idea. Basically, I'm taking the first paragraph from the first post of each month this year. Hmm... Can you spot the moment where I turn into a bitter old crone? :)

What a feeling, indeed!
Happy 2006! This is my year to stop thinking about what could be and just make it happen for myself. For way too long, I have had these deep, dark, recessed feelings that I could DO more at home, BE more for myself and my family, WORK more, EARN more, LIVE more, LOVE more, EXERCISE more, you get the idea. I’ve also been pressed down by this inner knowledge that I am definitely NOT living up to my potential as I sit in a cubicle. Not that I lived up to my potential when I was a stay at home mom, either, actually, but that I’m just not getting it.

Not that I ever would, mind you, but...
Your Stripper Song Is
I'm" a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears"I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it."You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to!

We made it to number three...
So exactly three years ago, RIGHT NOW, the vows had been spoken, kisses shared, champagne sipped, cake smooshed into each others' faces, and the pictures were taken. DrPop was getting me a Diet Coke from the serve-yourself fountain and I was shoveling popcorn into my mouth while sitting with my family around a table in the hotel's lobby bar and dressed in my wedding gown and flip flops. That was one of those perfect moments. One of many.

Turbo Jam = Turbo Soreness
Ask and ye shall receive…I received my copy of Turbo Jam’s five workouts, tape measure, supplements, book, and "Elite 11" moves on Wednesday of last week. After walking with my son in tow (Literally, I pulled him in a wagon) for 30 minutes, I took out the tape measure, measured all my bits and pieces, weighed myself, and started the "Learn ‘N Burn" workout. I’m woefully out of shape because I only made it through the learning portion and about half of the burning portion.

Seriously, the movie totally sucked, but I have a difficult time believing that there is a better movie scene than the finale when Olivia Newton-John and her muse sisters take over the skating rink's grand opening and start dancing to all of the different types of music and then they are all standing there and she is suddenly in the original costume with the roller skates and the leg warmers and the flowing skirt and the hair in barrettes with the ribbons... Gosh! I love this movie!!! :)

Oh, oh Mexico...
How I miss you so...It's great to be home. I was so happy to see my little one on Saturday. It had been TEN WHOLE DAYS! We missed our little guy enormously.

I've been a bad blogger lately, mainly lurking on other sites and not doing much posting on my own. I guess I haven't had much to say lately. Oh well. I'm so glad that it's summer, but my beautiful tan from Mexico is already fading and we've only been to the lake twice! My brave little boy is now wary of fireworks. He likes them when they are far away, but not so much when he is close by. So he would watch the ones in the sky in the distance, loving them, but when it came time to set them off in our street, he wanted no part of it. He has until New Years to get over that fear! He's also completely unafraid of the water! He just jumps right in and starts paddling away! Too crazy. At least he waits until he has his floaties on... Oh, and one more random thought before we get to the random photos... Thank heavens Big Brother 7 is finally on!!! Whoo-hoo! Let the cat-fights begin!

Too Much Randomness
You know what? There is so much that I want to say that I simply cannot put it all down. I have so many thoughts jumbling around in my head and I can’t get a handle on them all. I want to tell So many people so many different cutting things about how I feel about their choices. Thinking these things, though, makes me no better than the people in my “real world” life that I am criticizing.

Back. Tommy Lee. Exhausted. Pink Eye.
So, we got back to our house from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada at around 5AM Tuesday morning. As a quick little side note, why is it that we didn’t notice how extremely CRAPPY the airport there was until we got there to go home? We were still on "Vegas" time when we got home, so much so that we didn’t actually go to bed until 7AM. That’s right. Seven in the A. M. What were we thinking??? It’s Friday afternoon and I’m still not recovered fully!

My kingdom for an elephant costume!
I never knew how very hard it would be to try to find an elephant costume that isn't horrible! ARGH! Even the Dumbo ones this year suck. :(

November 1, 2006 -- NaBloPoMo Begins...
One may walk over the highest mountain-one step at a time.- John WanamakerI wonder what I've gotten myself into. I'm not one for seemingly impossible commitments, but it was almost like an outside being took over control of my fingers and typed my url into the comments section over at Then, in what I must now refer to as an inspired fit of "what the hell was I thinking?" I went to and again began rapidly filling out the online form. I clicked the submit button and in the space of 10 minutes, I had committed to a massive amount of writing.

Time for a theme...
So we here in Mrs Pop land have been trying to come up with some sort of theme for the blogs created in the month of December. Last month was Nablopomo and I noticed that many of the bloggers centered their posts around a central theme. We did not. But we really dug the idea. So here we are...

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