Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I don't really care who you are voting for or why. Just exercise your right as a FREE person to use your voice in the one way it can matter.

I probably made it pretty clear in my last post which way I leaned, but in case you didn't know, let me put something out there...

What is the MOST important thing in the world for you?

For me, it is the safety and protection of my family. If I know that some person or group is actively and constantly plotting to murder me in cold blood and they actively advertise that fact day in and day out, then, well, I want everything possible to be done to protect me. If a KNOWN terrorist (we know who they are) is calling my next door neighbor, then the government DAMN WELL better be getting it all down. Hell, they can set up in my living room for all I care as long as we are able to stop more attacks because of it. If a terrorist is captured and has information regarding plots to kill Americans (I'm talking about the citizens of our country), then I expect my government to find out what it is. I'm not for torture, but then, I don't believe that what we've done is truly torture. For prime examples of what TORTURE is, I think we ought to look at the things that are done by our enemies past and present. Somehow, I don't believe that we are going to be holding live beheadings on the news any time soon. Although the idea of Saddam's hanging becoming a PPV event has been thrown out there and is intriguing... Just kidding!!!

Osama bin Laden has said that we will lose this war on terror. His reasoning? Americans don't have the stomach to do what we need to do. They do. I suppose the results today will show if he is right or not.

I'm not writing this to change someone's mind or to be bitter, but the blogs I've read recently are very much leaning in the opposite direction and, well, I feel like my points are every bit as valid as anyone else's. I know I'm not going to change anyone's mind with what I write, just as those other writers won't change mine, either. In fact, some of them have titles on their posts that are so hateful that I don't even bother to read what was written because I know it'll make me mad! I'm simply exercising my right to say what I think in the same way that I will be voicing my opinion in the voting booth this afternoon.

Sorry to veer from the accepted standard, folks. It'll be business as usual tomorrow (I hope!). :)

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