Monday, November 06, 2006

As Delightful as a Moldy Jack-O-Lantern

Some might call today's post hypocritical. I try very hard to have an open mind to all sides of an argument. Sometimes, I just can't.

Beware of anyone who holds violent, viscous anger at another group. It’s typical that those who hold that kind of anger hold it towards those who don’t fight back. That type of anger is dangerous. (I’ve paraphrased this statement, but I’d venture a guess that a lot of folks wouldn’t believe me if I revealed who said it. It has something to do with stereotypes and how people are judged.)

I just finished reading a Christmas-themed romance novella. In it, the heroine was a 22-year-old president of a company she inherited from her father AND had published three romance novels. Twenty-two. I realize that romance is an escapist-genre (for me, at least), but being able to IDENTIFY with the main character is key for me. I cannot identify with that. Period.

I have close to 47,000 words to go on my own little writing project. 24 days, 47,000 words. Sure thing! No problemo. I’m guessing that the people who can actually finish this thing are single and don’t have any other interests or maybe jobs. Definitely, they couldn’t possibly have children AND a full-time job! At least, that’s what I’m telling myself so that I’ll feel better about my slow start to NaNoWriMo.

I absolutely hate the allergens that are so prevalent in the air right now. Feel better Dr Pop!

So, I have a maid. There, I said it. Seriously? It’s worth it at twice the price to not have to clean my house or change/wash sheets every week. Only this past Friday, the maid didn’t come and she didn’t call. So yeah, I’ve got a bit more money in my pocket, but I depend on her to come for those couple of hours each Friday! I’d fire her, but I’m sure she has a good excuse.

I understand that some folks have a tendency to be quite bitter about things/life/politics/etc, but really, why waste your time? If we spent even half the time that we currently spend being angry, bitter, judgmental, and hateful on other pursuits (like, oh, say, I don’t know, exercising or baking or just doing things for other people), do you even KNOW how much better our quality of lives would be? Do you know how much better the WORLD would be? And I’m actually talking to myself here. I’ll be getting bitter on this VERY post in about two seconds…

**Beware! I’m inserting a political rant here! I guarantee that this will be offensive to quite a few people. Close your eyes! I’ve read my fair share of rants going in the other direction. This is about EQUAL time, people!**

There are wonderful, good, intelligent people who choose to join our military forces. We are strictly a volunteer army. Thank the Good Lord above that these people exist. Pray for their safety and well-being. Pray to whichever God you choose. These people are not STUPID nor are they LAZY. These people are actually in harms way to protect MY lazy ass. John Kerry? You are a pompous ass. I couldn’t be happier that you lost the election. George W. Bush isn’t the best President we’ve ever had, but he’s not the worst, either. And he ISN”T evil. And if all the people who hate him personally (like you even know him!) got their way, we’d all lose our ability to speak and worship freely. We’d lose countless more American lives on AMERICAN soil. There are organizations who want us dead. They want ALL of US dead. They want those of you who wish that we’d just sit down and talk to them DEAD. If you sit down at a table to be diplomatic and ask them what they WANT from us, they will say that they want our DEATHS. So if you’re okay with that, then do what you need to do tomorrow. The entire WORLD will be a better place once Saddam Hussein’s lifeless body is swinging from a tree. And that’s my opinion.

I don't feel the need to be diplomatic with murderers or sexual predators, either.
**Political rant now over**

Do you know what happens to a gutted pumpkin after a couple of days? Take a look at the title of my post. And, um, yeah, I guess today, I’m just as delightful as the title implies. It’s a Monday, after all.

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