Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well, I know that at least in my state that there will be NO state income tax in the coming four years. I know that my local government will do their best to make my community the best it can be.

The People spoke this election season. Lord, I hope for all of us that they are right. Suddenly, I don't feel quite as safe when walking into my office.

And Nancy Pelosi? Please don't fuck up our country. And to the majority in the House? Please don't raise my taxes. I work damned hard for my money and I don't think you deserve to spend any more of it than you already do.

You see, I voted. Therefore, I get to bitch when I'm not thrilled with the results. ;-) But like I said, I hope to God (and I mean that in a prayerful sense... I still get to mention God, don't I? I don't have to hide that I'm a Baptist now, do I? Does free speech still mean free speech about religion and my choice to speak of it? -- Yeah, I'm bitter. Deal with it.) y'all are right. Because we're all screwed if you're not.

Mrs. Pop

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