Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Note to Self:


Please remember that people can be vitrioloic (is that even a word?) idiots. Please cease trying to even be sensible when confronted by these individuals. They will NOT even listen to you when you explain that you listen to all sides of the issues and try to make decisions based on everything. They will tell you that you've been "fed" by propoganda even when I mention that I listen to both Sirius "Left" and "Patriotic" (the liberal and conservative stations) and that I do, indeed, receive my information from sources beyond Fox news. They will cut you off, tell you that you are insane, call you names, and then tell you that God will forgive you for your views even though they are wrong.

Mrs. Pop

P.S. I didn't even say who I voted for as it's a personal and private thing! I merely suggested nicely (don't laugh! I really was nice and polite to the man) after he told me that he hoped I'd voted a certain way because the other way was full of insane idiots, that I voted my conscience and that I voted in favor of making the world a better place. He took that to mean that I didn't vote the way he thought I should. Irony anyone?

P.P.S. Do not talk politics anywhere but with people who love you.

P.P.P.S. Do not try to reason with people who are blinded by hate. There is absolutely no way to win that argument.

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