Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving, 2006

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, bringing with it the naturally-occurring stress of both hosting the event and both sides of the family and also beginning the arduous process of preparing for Christmas.

I’ve already posted about hanging the lights on our house. We are still not finished and each day that passes makes Dr Pop and I reconsider our “smarts” in saving a bit of cash and not having professionals come out and do it (if for no other reason than the wiring of it all… ANOTHER fuse has popped). We still haven’t set up our tree or any other decorations, but I’m quite sure that we’ll have it taken care of by the end of this week. And I still need to buy a wreath.

This year, we completed our Christmas shopping early. As in, the first weeks of November early, actually. We only have a few more gifts to buy (Dr Pop’s dad, each other, Little Pop’s teachers, and a few last-minute items for the Little one himself). Plus, I have already done the wrapping of just about everything, too! Boy, that sure feels great!

One thing that we didn’t do this year was go around and say something that we were thankful for… I have so much to say to that. There are so many reasons for me to be thankful this year:
I am thankful for the following things…

The continued health of my family and friends.

The opportunity to be with my extended family.

Dr and Little Pop.

Knowing that I’m about to spend my 6th Christmas with the man I love.

The fact that we have somehow managed to survive three years and 9 months of marriage without killing each other as we’ve been figuring it all out.

Dr Pop’s new job. I know that you are where you need to be, and I love that you were able to make the leap.

My job. I may not like the “work” per se, but I enjoy getting up in the morning and interacting with adults all day. Plus, I love being able to contribute to the household.

Little Pop’s daily random thoughts and sayings. Sweet baby, you impress, astound, and entertain me on a daily basis. I love you so much!

Blogging. I love having this outlet to express myself to mostly random and unknown persons. It’s freeing and fun.

The ability to write and write well. Over at Fussy.org, Mrs. Kennedy sells t-shirts that say, “Writing well is the best revenge.” I agree.

Pie. And cake. And all the food that we consumed over the weekend. ;-)

The fact that the weather here in the Greater Austin area will FINALLY feel like winter on Thursday. I do plan to enjoy the last two days of 80-degree weather, but I have to say that I’m so ready for real winter-like weather.

Texas Longhorn Football, 2005. I’m ever-so thankful that I was able to witness a National Championship football season. Being a fan of the game, something was always disappointing about our seasons, but not last year. After a third loss last Friday, I have come to realize again how truly special it is to have witnessed last year.

Gentle reminders that the most important things in life are right in front of me. My husband and child and the home we make, our friends, our extended families, our love.

And so much more… But health, happiness, contentment, and family trump everything else.

Now, let the Christmas and New Year season commence!

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