Monday, November 27, 2006

Hanging the Christmas Lights, Continued...

Yesterday, we hung the majority of our lights, leaving the second-story roof for today. Well, Dr Pop got up and measured, and we went to the store to purchase another extension cord. Unfortunately, we need something to switch a non-grounded plug into a grounded one. Ugh! One of these days, we'll have the house all done, then I can take a picture and post it triumphantly.

With all of the exterior light business going on, we've COMPLETELY forsaken the inside stuff. That means there is currently no tree, no nativity scene, no knick-knacks out. It's almost barren. Well, except for the huge pile of unfolded sheets sitting on one of my chairs, but that really can't be called festive. It's just lazy.

From the time I was in the 7th grade, through my senior year in high school, this would be the hardest week of my year. The Friday after Thanksgiving was the day that my ballet company moved all of our sets, costumes, and props into the Abilene Civic Center for our annual production of The Nutcracker. On Saturday, we fitted costumes and blocked the scenes. On Sunday, we began rehearsals in earnest, going most of the day and into the night. Because all of us were in school, we couldn't rehearse during the weekdays, but we more than made up for it at 4PM, when we had the first run-through of the afternoon. Often, we worked till midnight... Oh the stories and fond memories I have from that time.

One day, I'll go into more detail, but I will say this much... Having been in so many performances of The Nutcracker, I am ruined for anyone else's performances of it. This production is so special to me that I simply avoid it. My best friend asked me if I wanted to go with her this year to Ballet Austin's performance. I think maybe I'm ready to see it again. After all, I haven't tried to go in about 12 years or so. Hopefully time will have mellowed me some and I won't be quite so critical of the little things. Probably not, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway. It's too special of a tradition to have let go for so long.

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