Friday, October 27, 2006


If you do a search for, my blog pops up! Holy cow! I haven’t been a search result since I posted regularly on a now-defunct Texas Longhorn message board.

I mentioned the website because I listen to Everyday Food every now and then on Martha’s Sirius station (Channel 112) and heard a great recipe.

I love to cook, but I’m not one for bunches of steps, bowls, pans, or cleanup. My motto is that the easier the cleanup, the better the meal. Plus, I have always been slightly prejudiced against anything that is endorsed by Martha as “easy” or “simple” because my GOD! That woman is good at EVERYTHING! But I heard a recipe for a chicken dish and just had to try it. The result? Absolutely amazing! It was easy and quick. People, you cook it in the freaking MICROWAVE! I served it over brown rice and we ate every bite.

Y’all, I’m getting so into trying out recipes and baking and all this stuff. Last weekend, as I was waiting at Half Price Books for an offer on three boxes of books I'd brought in ($13.25, for all of them, by the way. Not good at all, but I took it because I didn't want to load them back into my car), I was searching the cookbook section for something new and interesting. I pretty much ignored my usual aisles. That is so unlike me!


emily said...

Trying out new recipes is fun. I hate cleaning up. And I don't like a lot of preparation time, but I do like cooking. I'm going to try this recipe. But I wanted to know how necessary the orange zest is? Can you taste it, do I have to have it? I'd like to leave that bit out. But if I haaaave to have it, I'll do it. The microwaving factor is wonderful.

Ellen said...

Dr Pop HATES foods cooked with orange (Orange Chicken and Orange Beef come to mind) and he would have enjoyed the dish more with the orange peel omitted. You can definitely taste it in this recipe. I would leave it out the next time I make it.