Friday, August 18, 2006

A Question for the Gallery...


I used to be absolutely positive that I believed in Karma. After all, we all have our day of reconing, whether we believe in heaven and hell or not. Right? And what is the scientific expression??? Oh yes, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." If all this is true (and I REALLY want to believe it is), then please, someone answer the following question:

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Thank you, that is all... Feeling philosophical this evening.


Anonymous said...

I think that good things happen to bad people because bad people, in a way, force them to happen.
People who are often considered good don't tend to push things so hard that every resource is drained. So, good people have a 50/50 shot at good things happening.
However, bad people just keep pushing and pushing until the only possible outcome is something good. But, in the process of pushing, they become totally assinine.
I don't know... maybe it's an odd way of looking at it, and I probably didn't explain it the way I'd like to. But, that's just what I think.

Ellen said...

I see your point there. "Good" people seldom rock the boat. But with that in mind, but I think that if it is something they believe in, they do push that envelope.

It does seem, though, that the little "lucky" things that happen to people tend to happen less to the people who are the most deserving and who need it most.