Thursday, August 24, 2006

It bears repeating...

I know I’ve mentioned this before and I know that it is the end of the summer, but after what I just witnessed, I have to say it again.

LADIES: If you wear open-toed shoes, please at the very least trim your toenails! Some women like to have slightly longer toenails and that’s fine, but when they get to be longer than the average woman’s FINGERNAILS, then there’s a problem. More so if they alternate between stubby and dagger-like.

What is so difficult about grooming? I’m asking this apparently rhetorical question, but I would really like to know. Yes, I wear sandals sometimes when I could use a fresh coat of polish on my toenails. Yes, I sometimes skimp on the lotion and my feet look a little dry, but I cannot imagine leaving my house and showing off feet that look like they belong in a Ripley’s Believe It or Not display. Far too often, though, that’s what I see. And it is gross!

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