Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where are you going?

I thought I'd take a minute to explain the title of my blog. It used to be called "My Little Ol' Feelings" but I took a look at it and reevaluated the whole thing and said to myself, "Ellen, where the hell are you going with this?"

My high school Latin teacher would be so proud. I immediately thought of one of my quotes from her class, "Quo Vadis?" or "Where are you going?" Hence, the name change.

I'm hoping that the somewhat regular drivel that spews forth from the keyboard here will somehow show my direction in life. Because, I truly don't have a clue where I'm going. Maybe looking back on where I've been will help guide me toward the Right turns.

So... Where am I going today? Well, I am going to work, go suck up a little to my customers, hound inside people for numbers, pick up my "Big Boy!" and play until I go to sleep. That's where I'm going today.

Where am I going in life? That's a bigger, deeper question. I like to believe that I'm headed down the road of "happily ever after," but I keep hitting roadblocks along the way, both self-inflicted and not. I'm trying to do right by my husband and child. I'm working on doing the things that will contribute to making our lives easier, not more difficult. I'm working on my attitude on a daily basis. Trying to not let the little things piss me off so much that I lose focus of the bigger picture and my "ever after."

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