Sunday, September 25, 2005

One train set, two tables, a basketball hoop, and many toys and cars later...

My son finally finished his birthday celebration. Of course, it was a day early to accomodate all the family that wanted to be here for it. Today is his actual birthday. My baby is two years old today. And two years ago, at this exact moment in time, I was passed out from exhaustion and drugs. :)

I swear, though, my baby has had no less than three days of birthday festivities, beginning with cupcakes at his daycare that we made together. I cannot believe that two years have passed us by already. So much has happened. The little screaming baby has been replaced by a rambunctious little boy who goes 90 to nothing non stop until bedtime or naptime, when he appropriately crashes.

I've never seen a child eat anything put in front of him or sleep so readily as my own. No one would believe that he asks for broccoli and peas or that one of his favorite dishes is chicken pasta salad.

So my baby now speaks in complete sentences, counts, sings, and plays with reckless abandon. He's happy, healthy, and has such a passion for everything around him. He's actually fun to be around and I miss him when he's away with his grandparents for even one night.

Happy Birthday Little One. You are my angel and devil wrapped into one adorable little package and your Daddy and I couldn't possibly love you any more!

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