Friday, March 11, 2005

Things to love...

I am having a difficult time getting inspired to write anything these days. When I think of how much I wrote on my old blog, I am truly amazed, actually. Most of my posts were love letters of sorts to my husband. I'm still inspired to write about him and look back on the past and learn from mistakes. Perhaps I don't feel as threatened as I did. Perhaps I'm in a lull because things are going so well with us. For the first time since the beginning of our relationship, actually, we are truly enjoying one another's company.

I've changed somewhat over the past weeks. I have been much more fun. I've been going out and partying and having a great time! It's strange to think that I actually blocked all of these experiences out of my life for so long. It's as though I'd forgotten how much fun life could be outside the walls of my house.

So while I'm having all this fun, letting loose, being open to new experiences, and spending tons of quality time with my husband, maybe I'm becoming more at peace with my life and the changes I've made to my attitude. And when I'm at peace, I don't feel the need to expound upon all the lessons. Now, it gets harder to write.

As I ramble on here, I remember a very old Oprah Winfrey show on writers and writing. She gave an assignment to the audience that day to list 25 things they love besides their families. I think I'll make my list now and use it for my new inspiration. Better late than never.

Here goes...

Twenty-five things I love besides my family (who, of course, would top any list) in no particular order:
  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Spending time alone with my husband
  4. My son's laugh
  5. Ballet
  6. Longhorn Football
  7. Baseball games
  8. My sweet dog
  9. The smell of freshly cut grass
  10. Playa del Carmen
  11. The beach
  12. Chocolate cake
  13. Hot tea
  14. The feeling when I get paid
  15. Driving with the windows down, singing at the top of my lungs to loud music
  16. Dancing
  17. Sitting outside on a warm spring day
  18. Flowers
  19. Going out and letting go of my inhibitions for a while
  20. Laying in bed with nothing to do and no obligations
  21. Being needed
  22. Watching my husband enjoy eating something I've cooked
  23. A clean house with no laundry and no dishes piled up
  24. Long bubble baths with a glass of wine and a good book
  25. Manicures, pedicures, and good massages

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